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4771 Campus Drive

Irvine, CA 92612

(949) 936-7714

Our Services


High Tide is a beach delivery service that allows families, tourists, bikers, and more to have an enjoyable, hassle free beach day. Through our website, customers have the option to rent specialized packages for a fixed daily price or purchase highly sought beach items.  Our company seeks to eliminate the trouble of carrying personal belongings when planning a beach outing. Simply peruse the website, select a package, set a time and location, and head to the beach!

Our Team


Here at High Tide, we take pride in nurturing a team of incredible and dedicated beach enthusiasts who are determined to bring simplicity to the lives of others. Everyday, we bring enthusiasm, hard work, confidence, self-motivation, and fun to the people at our workplace. Sharing these values is what bonds High Tide’s lovely team of 25 employees together. We are all more than ready to let High Tide be everyone’s best beach companion!

Our Customers


High Tide has been delivering high quality services since 2018 to locals, surfers, beachlovers, families, and just about anyone who want to experience the perfect, hassle free day at the beach.

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